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Do-it-yourself centering sanity check
Thanks Klaus, this thread saved me from buying a decentered lens yesterday

Around 2004 I purchased a Canon 70-200mm 4:0 lens. It had serious decentering problems, so I send it to the official Canon repair centre in the Netherlands. The lens was returned within a fortnight or so with a letter saying the lens was fine, it was all with in the margings. But the lens gave a terrible decentering at the long end. For certain kind of images the lens was fine, but for others it was terrible and I hated the lens. One day I dropped it accidently. Front lens element was broken. I send it to the repair center, I got it back with a scratch on the new glass element and there was considerable room within the zoom. So, I sent it back again and they fixed it.


And to my suprise the decentering was gone! Not the first time I got disappointed by the Dutch Canon repair center and not the last. But now I can use this image in the future for an easy check up.


So, thanks!



Kind regards,

Hi guys, read about this centering test, bought Nikkor 20mm/f1.8 yesterday. Please can anybody experienced confirm to me that this 20mm lens at f1.8 (distances of all shots attached = from 1,2m to 2,5m) is centered well....? Or would you return this copy...?

When slowly focusing at the target at 100% Live View magnification, all edges seem to be getting sharp in even balance but the final shot (self timer, exposure delay of course) seems.... OK for such a wide angle? I read somewhere that it is much harder to center such wide angles well so is this acceptable in your opinion? What is the probability of getting the next "great" copy?

Thank you for your check.... I know I´m getting insane... but I'm also just curious ;-) :-)



p.s. the shots attached are cuts from 100% image magnification of a 12mpx image... The camera with lens was on a tripod of course but its position against the screen was just estimated at eye level. Hope the marginal possible user error is not critical for this test.

It's not perfect but probably within QC margins.

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