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Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 HSM ART pricing announced
So 1300 USD - quite a steal relative to the specs.
yes the price is very good against competition.
Just wonder - are all ART lenses made in Japan?
Another question related to this lens is - Does the lens accept LEE filters? - e.g. 14-24/4.0 ART is one of the few UWA that does not accept LEE filters at 14mm

"Sigma 12-24mm f4 Art DG HSM

Please note that due to the physical size of this lens, and the extremely wide angle of view, the SW150 filter holder will vignette at the widest angles. To avoid this we recommend using a minimum focal length of 15mm when using the filter holder with two filter slots and 13.5mm when using the holder with one filter slot.

miro, it's difficult for me to take your hasty posts seriously.

Sigma claims that all of their lenses come out of the same factory which is based in Aizu, Japan. If you don't believe that, check out for yourself. They have a website, even in English, just imagine...

Lee filters are no worse or better than other 150 × 150 mm filters. The problem is the holder, not the filter! And there is no 14-24/4.0 Art. Either a 14-24/2.8 Art or 12-24/4.0 Art.

And Klaus: There are now three threads for the same lens going on. That's plain stupid.
As expected DPR has shots from the field

Pictures look nice and sharp.
... and don't show a lot of flares. A lot less than the old Nikkor, that is. Distortions are also very low at 14 mm. Apparently Sigma knew how to do Smile
A couple of days ago I unpacked my copy of it. Awesome as usual Big Grin

But today I was visiting lensrentals Blog and voilà, readers asking for "Roger please do the real test" instead of some dude who tried to compare UWA zooms and failed gloriously.

So he did, started with the 14-24/2.8 Art, I can recognize my lens in what he found. But there's more this time on that. It's worth to read the addendum to find out how Sigma reacted when Roger told them 5 lenses are fine, 3 are very bad... read for yourself:
Guess which one is here as well ...
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Too late. Decision has already been made Big Grin

Yesterday I tried a filter holder I forgot to sell with the 14-24/2.8 Nikkor for which it was dedictaed (kind of 3D-print, uses 150×150 filters). Only a little bit of velcro (into the holder) and it's good to go.

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