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Universal Lens Cap - does this make sense?
Looks quite interesting actually
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I agree, it's interesting. But is it practical?
I've seen the announcement on DPR a while ago so I had some time to think about it. What can make or break something as basic as a lens cap? After some deliberation, I've come up with one question: Can you easily put it on the lens with one hand?
This is more difficult even to take off. And I bet you could tell us some stories about bumping the lens "safely" and de-centering Wink
Do you always have two hands free to pull this rubber sock over the lens, Klaus? Are you always sure the inside of the sock remains clean, no matter what? Do you mind to remove a lens hood all the time? Or strap it over the hood, but some hoods will go off.

When changing the lens, how do you imagine the procedure? Bringing a table to the location?

The idea is interesting, but if it would be less deep and come with a flap, you could remove it single handed.

I like Manfrottos "Xume" approach with the magnet covers / filters (but no hoods...)
As a accessory designer.....Ho ho ho.....

I wonder why the video didn't show the removal of this cap........maybe because it's a bit fiddly?

I don't see much of advantage over a lens cap.....especially as they are for nothing on ebay is inevitable that shots will be missed as the pinch cap is the quickest to remove!

Dave's clichés
Dave's clichés
I second the above opinions... nice idea, but it can fail in details.

And furthermore: they say "it's shock absorbent", but the front part is made of rubber as the rest. I think a rigid plastic cap is more effective in protecting the front element, for instance when the offense comes from a sharp object, that might penetrate the rubber.


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Well, my use case would be the outdoors - like putting a 2nd lens in a backpack. This looks like a compact, sturdy solution. But yes, how fiddly is this ...

Review here

Hmmh ... so the question is whether my mirrorless lenses aren't too smallish for this.
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
If the situation suits.......and it's certainly not expensive..which is rare in kick-start-land!.....

......however, we've just finally got it right with reversible lens-hoods...and they have (nearly) solved the photographers storage issues with them...with the rubbers on where do you store your hood? the lens hoods are bulky!

Dave's clichés
Dave's clichés
Though cleaning up the beer cans this morning.......the idea came to me to use them to keep the fizz in last nights leftovers!

Maybe they have backed the wrong horse?

Dave's clichés
Dave's clichés

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