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Kinoshita Kistar 85mm f/1.4 announced
Never heard of them? Me neither ... Japanese apparently.
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Also a manual focus 55mm f1.2 and a manual focus 35mm f1.4. The 55mm f1.2 is a reproduction of one of the 2 Tomioka 55mm f1.2 designs of the late 1960's-1970's.
They state that a feature of the Kistar series is emphasising soft rendering wide open, and sharpness closed down.

Looks like they are recreating old 1970's Japanese lens designs for the "enthusiast"?
6 elements in 5 groups is a tad too few for a decent 85/1.4, innit? And judging by the MTF, it's going to be soft as molasses at f/1.4... and for $1250. Next please.
More nonsense...........
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Another lens with "special character" if it's working for Meyer Optic there are also the Japanese vintage lenses.
Got Zenit 44-2 for 25$ it has swirly bokeh yes, and so what ? I wouldn't prefer it over my 50f1.8 although I don't like its bokeh
Seeing their products one cannot help wondering... "Shita" is "under" in Japanese but there are unfortunate linguistic connotations for an English speaker. Smile

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