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Markus please stop dreaming of a D900 and update tests to a D850. I loved the D3x too
(03-29-2018, 04:56 PM)JJ_SO Wrote: [LENSCORE] became more of an archive

... for random numbers?  ;-)
Back to dx-oooh-mark, yet another curiosity or anomaly or "??" is that the D810 sensor gets 97 (vs 96 for the D800E) but there is hardly a lens that doesn't get a better score on the D800E than on the D810!  So, do we conclude that the Nikon D810 is "better" than the D800E except when lenses are fitted?

As a D3x user who checked out the D4s and D5 in a camera shop, using the same excellent prime fitted on all, that the D5 scores the same as the D3x and the D4s slightly outscores it is preposterous. IQ from the D3x was better (good light) than either.
The D3x is usable until ISO1600, but then drops in IQ dramatically. You can use Software to denoise the ISO3200/6400 Files, but the result is far from good, compared to newer Sensors, like D4 or even D3s. ISO100 is very clean and accurate in color, but outperformed by newer cameras. But it is still a very fine workhorse, when using under very good and bright conditions.
Anyway Photozone should update to D810 or D850 soon, as these are the most used ones for FX and represent the majority of users.

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