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Zeiss Otus 100mm f1.4 coming
Both for Canon EOS and Nikon F mount.
This might be an interesting lens but it will undoubtedly cost an arm; leg and kidney. Also it is awful close tot the 85f1.4
It's a first for Zeiss. Funny, that there are three companies offering lenses in this region - although Zeiss is the most contradictive offer: f/1.4, 100 mm and manual focus - good luuck with spray and pray...
I do not thing pray and spray is an option: spraying is only a solution when shooting action and one is not capable/sure to capture a good shot, so one sprays.
Better options:
• find out if the lens focusses accurately with the PD AF system, and if so, rely on focus confirmation.
• use an alternative focus screen that will show focus differences at larger apertures (this requires good eyesight, of course)
• alternatively, use live view

Personally I would not want to pay the prices Zeiss asks for these lenses, besides the "they are manual focus lenses" thing. I suspect that most Otus buyers have a high level of "bragging rights/misplaced snobbism" drive comparable to Leica customers.

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