Full Version: Leica 100-400mm f/4-6.3 and Pana 25mm f/1.7 in development
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That will be a very nice lens? Just the aperture is a tad small (f13 FF equivalent) but that is only a minor niggle, deconvolution can get rid of diffraction softening.

The Leica is almost enough to make me interested in the system again... anyone want to speculate at the length of the lens as imaged?


I wouldn't rely on deconvolution for general use. Similar techniques are pretty much a requirement for parts of astrophotography, but unless you have very low noise it will amplify that massively too. I suspect the high ISO will get a workout with that lens on the longer end.

What about 12-60mm or (12-50, 14-60mm)f4.0? Why nobody makes it? Oly's 12-60mm is so slow and big(long)...