Full Version: so the 16mp MFT age is coming to an end after all
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Quote:Horizontal crop factor of about 1.36 (using "1.5x crop APS-C" as guide). 

20 x 1.36 x 1.36 = 37mp, not 30?
Well, a hypothetical Canon 30 mp APS-C sensor would have a pixel density of around 9.1 mp per cm<sup>2</sup>. A MFT 20 mp sensor comes in at 8.9 mp per cm<sup>2</sup>. A Nikon APS-C with 30 mp would be at around 8,2 mp per cm<sup>2</sup>.


20mp is "something", but the GX8 still has AA filter. Not too big deal, but I guess it means they weren't ready to take it off yet *cough* moire *cough*  Smile

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