Full Version: Canon EF 11-24mm f/4 USM L
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... the 11mm aren't going to be pretty on the 5Ds R ...

Quote:... the 11mm aren't going to be pretty on the 5Ds R ...

On the positive side ... now that most lenses are good on 20mp full format sensors, it's going to be more exciting again on 50mp ...
What, lacking in detail?

Quote:What, lacking in detail?

Well, awesome center, poor corners (also visible in the samples).
It is darn good at 14mm though (don't have anything beyond yet)



Quote:Possibly you will have to select your suitable shot for 11mm :-) ….just wondering, do you have a very large chart for 11mm….or you have an assistant to move the chart and lights around to be in the right place

As mentioned - the life size real world sample show soft corners at 11mm as well.
18mm is quite hot, less so 24mm.

I seem to remember getting negative waves here when commenting on it's softish edge performance at 11mm in some published images, but I guess the lens is just a stop gap until Canon bring out the definitive version, after all it's just a cheapie! Rolleyes

Saw it yesterday in a shop. The price made me facepalm until I saw a Leica Noctilux on the top shelf. Now THAT was a reason for a facepalm!

But if the sides and corners are not that great anyways, would the Sigma 12-24 remain a decent choice?


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