Full Version: Your favourite feature of the D850?
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After a few weeks with the camera I found another great feature!  The electronic shutter and silent shooting!


I went to shoot some ducks at dusk the other day. 


I used a very show shutter speed @ around1/60th or lower with my shaky tripod collar on my 300f4w/1.4TC.

Normally I have to put the camera into exposure delay mode of a sec or 2, and I also have to use mirror up to minimize the shake most times.


This time I popped into quiet mode, and live view. 

I must have taken over 100 images...

All silent and all with one gentle tap on the touch screen.

No camera shake with no waiting around for the mirror slap to clam down, and as a bonus on the mechanical shutter, only 1 click!


Very nice!  B)

In silent shutter mode, it's even possible to get more frames into the buffer (and out to XQD card again  Rolleyes ) than with mechanical shutter. I watched the number of frames decreasing to 0, then the counter showed 60 pictures in full res.  :blink:


Just keep in mind, at some occassions it's not working - I'm not sure, I think HSS flash (or flash in general?) is not working with solent shutter mode, also shorter shutter speeds don't work the same way as with mechanical shutter.


But it's highly useful as well at focus stacking rows, multi-exposure bursts (up to 10 shots, nice strobo-effect), and time lapses. 

Yea really cool stuff, kinda like 2 cameras in one..


I don't know much about the electronic s. actually. I'll have to check out more info. I didn't know it would shoot that fast a frame rate. I keep mixing up quiet with silent too. Wink

That's easy: The D850's "Quiet" mode is not as quiet as the D810's, but nothing is quieter than D850's silent mode. Just ask...  Big Grin

For a fun surprise, mount the camera on a tripod and shoot a lens wide open. Shoot one image with mechanical shutter, and one with full electronic shutter. Notice the difference in bokeh. 




 A Sony with a Zongywahtever 50/0.95, sample pictures of people in artificial light (which have to cause problems with electronic shutters) some mentioning of dimmed LEDs (there's already problems with cheap transformers on them, not to mention the dimmer).


But great to getting to know some exotic "issues", especially if the camera sells like warm bread... Big Grin 


Okay - not soooo exotic: LEDs come more and more, each artificial light source can have a difficult frequency* and causing problems. There are a lot of things to consider using the electronic shutter (it's not a first curtain electronic thing but fully electronic...). No free lunch, nowhere. And on top of that, it sucks battery even more than the Fuji (which so far were second champion, best battery suckers are still the Sigma Merrills with their tiny batteries) - and makes one looking like a normal smartphone shooter just with a very chunky piece of gear  :lol:


No, not entirely: using this nearly cool tilt display, one can play sort of Hasselblad feeling by looking into it from the top. Onto a reflecting surface. And focusing in SloMo. No one needs to worry much if the D850 is the perfect "everything goes camera" - it's not, but it's still pretty neat.


* One day I wanted to be very clever and used an LED light pack to lighten the AF target. To get it very bright over a long time, I didn't use the batteries (that would have been real DC) but instead used a transformer (which still brings in a bit of AC). I didn't see it in the OVF, but LiveView was pulsating. So I thought, maybe the AF module will also get confused by this frequency?


There's limits and no-go-situations for electronic shutter, but not disturbing birds is none of them.


And Zonghyi whatever things come at the price of manual focus which I find very limiting - so no thing for me and in the other lenses I haven't seen a different bokeh. Maybe because I rarely do these kind of comparison shots. If I use LV, it's mostly for a reason. 


But what sucks with this camera: the pictures look worse on an old iMac 27". Moiré is also working the other way - not into the camera, but onto the screen. Time for a 5k iMac, I think?  Rolleyes  Wink

It was interesting to just try a couple of shutter speeds and enjoy the banding: fine with 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/200. banding in all other shots. I will take an eye on these 50 Hz (in trains, however, it 16 â…“ Hz, then the "free of banding" shutter speeds will be different).


I'm not too surprised about the sometimes tricky electronic shutter. In Fuji cameras, it goes up to 1/32.000 - but that's a fake if one expects high speed freezes - these are still the domain of flashguns. Fuji themselves tell that in the manual as well...

Finally, I received my grip. I have the d5 battery. But I need a d5 battery charger..  


Now do I need a special attachment to fit the battery in the grip as well?


What a total pain to get everything for the FPS increase. so expensive..  


I'm loving the grip already tho.. I totally hate to shoot vertical without it. It balances so nicely now.

You'll need the battery, the charger and a cap for the battery door besides of the grip. There were a couple of special offers combining all these things, when the D850 was introduced. It's also not a waste of time to look into the manual. Page 260.


Roughly 850 $ for just 2 fps more? And getting a device which is not very stable to use with a tripod and doesn't give you any extra function - I had three or four of these grips, not any more: With the D850 I stopped the grip aquisition syndrome  Big Grin


Geting the (comparatively) cheap one from Fuji for X-T2, I had to realize "others do a bettrer Job on grips than Nikon".
  • compartment for 2 additional batteries.
  • charging socket in the grip - no need to take out the batteries.
  • mechanically, the Fuji is superior to any Nikon grip.
  • additional sockets for headphones (no need for D850)
  • Came with AC transformer to operate the camera without batteries (that costs 150.- additional from Nikon)
Nikon, if you like to sell me a grip, it has to have:
  • charging socket
  • stable housing, preferably with Arca type bottom plate
  • identical buttons and knobs like the D850. I don't understand why Nikon has to make extra buttons which work slightly different, especially the dials
  • to be a complete package with EN-EL 18b
  • a GPS module inbuilt.
Everything lesser is just a bold grip into my pockets and I became allergic to that.


Everything lesser is just a bold grip into my pockets and I became allergic to that.



I hear you on that! Total rip off.. 


I only got it because hopefully I'm going to be with this camera for a long time to come. If I thought I would upgrade again in the next few years or so I would never have gotten it.


I was thinking of going with an aftermarket d5 battery charger and spare battery.
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