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Impressive ... albeit quite heavy it seems.

Also confirmed:

XF8-16mmF 2.8 R WR
More importantly, they now offer Fuji X-mount for their Fujinon Cine lenses, they put IBIS in the shrunk GFX body which got some improvements.


To mention the bigger buttons and the more failsafe AF-ON switch might sound ridiculous but through Fuji I learnt about Sugru - and one should not need to treat a new camera with plasticine just because their designers have fingers like kids.


However. As nice bigger buttons and top display might be, the usability remains contradictive.

Yes, the buttons are/were an issue - at least on the X-T1. Other than that I never had any usability problems that I found really disturbing. Sony is somewhat worse than Fuji in this respect (in my view).

I also think new firmware 2.00 for Fujifilm X-T20 is nice.  

About the size of my 6D, indeed quite chunky for APS-C mirrorless. Yay for the insight of Fuji? (nicer ergonomics)

Quote:Yes, the buttons are/were an issue - at least on the X-T1. Other than that I never had any usability problems that I found really disturbing. Sony is somewhat worse than Fuji in this respect (in my view).


The buttons on X-T2 were no bit better.

My complaints about usability (for X-T2, I haven't seen the menu of the X-H1) are
  • the lack of banks for saving user-settings. At this price-tag it's a shame.
  • To me it would be helpful to activate the electronic level just with a Fn-button. Totally easy on Nikon, totally impossible for Fuji, not even for the quick menu.
  • The contradiction of having a front dial, but cannot use it to set aperture on a heavy lens with electronic aperture like 100-400.
  • The contradictive use of a joystick and 4-way buttons. I just checked, I can use the joystick as well to navigate the menus. So, why through in 4 buttons but can not apply all functions on them?
  • The selector for AF is hard to use, most of the time it jumps from S to M, but I want C (in the middle). Too soft, too fiddly, too tiny - and the new flagship comes with the same crap switch
  • The manual focus mode. Clutched lenses will autofocus although the switch is set to M. That's ridiculous, especially in, say, astrophotography. When I want to manual focus, I don't need a camera with own ideas about! It doesn't matter if I switched "AF + MF" OFF or ON.
  • Menu settings "drive mode": Here I can set up how much fps I want. AND the "advanced filter setting" WTF? What has fps to do with soft filter, miniature, elective color?
  • To me it appears the mechanical designers are not talking to then software engineers. Some things you can do in three different ways, others in one which is highly complicated.
I have to admit that my memories of the 100-400 are fading but there's a switch which you can use to select "A" or manual mode. In manual mode you can use the aperture ring (has no aperture number markings). In A mode you have to use the front dial on the camera.



No.  Sad


But you're describing my dream lens. However, Fuji is on it's way. I just need to grab in deeper pocket and get some GFX lenses. Oh, an another camera body. The GFX system has an A and a C position. The latter you were referring to it's function.


But honestly, I don't see a reason not to make a firmware update which lets the owner choose wether A should be aperture control by front-dial or be automatic. Honestly there's not much use of shutter priority on that lens - ISO automatic covers a wider range. Would be different if it would be 1-2 stops faster.


Maybe they could that combine with pushing the front-dial in - that function is also in the overkill list these days, like in "no real use for it".

Actually Klaus is right, you can use the front dial if the aperture dial of the lens is set to A.

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