Full Version: Canon 700D focus issues.
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Hi guys, 

   A friend had been complaining about his 700D producing OOF images so he passed by with the camera, in a couple of shots it was obvious that the camera was front focusing and very badly.

   This camera doesn't have in body AF micro adjustments........so it's a service center job!

  So I called Canon FR and inquired about having the focus calibrated, I was very surprised to find that they have fixed tariff for any intervention, be it, shutter, sensor or whatever......


.........the price for the intervention whatever the problem    155 euros for the body+ outward postage.

........ and                                                                               115 for the lens + outward postage.

                                                                              Total         290 euros.


  ......now this may sound good for those who have a half dead camera, but for those who just want lens or camera AF adjustment,  it's just ridiculous, especially as many cameras have AFFT in body. 




   On the other hand another friend had an older Canon body which died, he sent it to Canon and was told it was too old to repair.....Canon then offered him an 80D for 250 euros..........a total bargain!


   What's to learn here?

   Well don't buy any DSLR that hasn't AFFT built in to the body, out of guarantee, you are looking at full repair prices........plus all the aggro of lost time and money.........however do send in beaten up old bodies and they will give you a current one for pennies!


   Sometimes you can over simplify paperwork, one tariff for all is unfair for those want a simple recalibration!


    Needless to say my friend is selling it!

Fujifilm also has fixed prices. but once they simply forgot to enclose the bill.


I think, with guarantee period they would do that service for free (except shipping, mabe). So, a bit of the diappointment of your friend bounces back on him, no? Was it badly focusing from the beginning? 


  Of course the guarantee would cover it and the postage......in this case we have a S/H camera taken in lieu of owed money (complicated situation).


  And Fujis don't need AF adjustment!!  Tongue


  The guy is new to digital photography and new little about AF and it's foibles, that aside he is an disappointed innocent party.

When I sold a lens or body I always included a disclaimer about two weeks money back if something is wrong with the item I haven't seen / known of. So far that worked out pretty well. Even second hand, the vendor has to name malfunctions or take it back in exchange for the money. That's the situation in Germany, and France might have even better consumer protection rights?


The situation might be less complicated: A badly working item was given to someone who believed the person was trustworthy. Hand it back to the original owner would do justice to him. Then he still could buy a Nikon and see, if there's better working AFMA in D3x00 or D5x00  Big Grin All DSLRs can have this kind of issue.


Fujifilm btw. did forget to send me the bill for a broken and fixed lens.


    We are going to do a quick check to see whether the body or the lens is at fault... the result will be that the faulty item will be "described as such", therefore sold as a no return item (obviously it will sell for less).


   I recommended a D700 as a replacement! 
Why FF? Everything gets more expensive and heavy.


I recommend a Fuji X-E2 or X-E3 (no AFMA issues, like you said), lightweight and fully up to EOS 700D - except of course, the gorgeous tilt and swivel touchscreen.

Which lens were you guys using?


         He's is starting up a studio in town (government work scheme, very low rent)  film and digital, he is now the proud owner of my ex Lindhoff Technica 4X5" as well as a couple of Nikons, F/F2. 

 So Nikon is the way to stay and FF is certainly best for portraiture......this is all low budget stuff and D700s are now going cheap as are D series lenses........weight is not important.

  He wants and needs help setting up the studio side and certainly with digital stuff......and it's a bit of fun for me!


Quote:Which lens were you guys using?
   It was the Canon 18-135mm OS, the earlier version I believe!
Hmm... Go to any store and try a 18-135mm STM on it (the camera). If the camera AF performs better, blame than earlier version lens?

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