Full Version: 55-200 vs panasonic 35-100f2.8 and comments on 18-135 ?
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Any comments comparing the fuji 55-200 and panasonic 35-100f2.8 on optical quality (i.e, micro-contrast, resolution, bokeh, ...) ? Also any commetns on the optical quality of the 18-135 (which has not been tested here) ?


Basically an xe-2+55-200 is cheaper than a 35-100f2.8 so I'm considering picking up the pair for an event where I need a 100ish lens. I realize the 35-100 is a stop faster and the fuji is a slightly larger format; the fuji aspect ratio is different from the 4/3 (I prefer the fuji more traditional aspect ratio) and the fuji is quite a bit larger than the em-5 i own.


Also unrelated anyone has experience with the 18-135 and how it might compare with the 55-200 or 35-100 ?