Full Version: Well eat your heart out Pentaxians. Full Frame Pentax announced
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             Well I said that things were happening fast and they don't come faster than what's been happening today!............................................... (well in Pentaxland)


 Pentax Full Frame camera announced!







   OK Dave game set and match!!   Big Grin  Wink  Rolleyes




   Now we've got till the end of the year to guess what the specs will be!


      Oh what jolly jolly fun,        it's made my day!

"Market Launch at the end of 2015"...means they will announce it's availability then...that it will be in the shops in mid-2016?   <_<

It's pretty early along, the sample in the photo is a plastic still warm from the 3D printer, you can see the printing topography clearly (click for high res):

[Image: pentax_ff_prototype.jpg]


Looks like us Pentaxians have the forum all to ourselves this evening Dave, I'm going to grab a beer or six!


 Full Frame beer of course!     Tongue  Rolleyes


Are you going to join me?

And let's not forget the last first Pentax digital 135 body:


<p style="margin-left:40px;">http://www.dpreview.com/articles/2734370...digitalslr

<p style="margin-left:40px;"> 

Published Feb 11, 2001
| dpreview staff

PMA 2001: Today we got an exclusive hands-on with Pentax's new 6 megapixel digital SLR. At this stage they have an early working prototype which will power up and operate, the onboard software is still a bit rough but the body, controls and operation are already pretty much there.
Sale date
Summer 2001

...and that was a working prototype!  The new new one still barely a plastic mock-up!  


  Come on Dave lighten up it's party time!

Quote:Looks like us Pentaxians have the forum all to ourselves this evening Dave, I'm going to grab a beer!


Are you going to join me?

I have a bottle of Jameson here in my office for such occasions as these.  Rolleyes


It's almost midnight in Germany and barely dawn in Australasia, so guess it's just us for a few hours.


Here's lookin at you kid!   "Clink"



Man that tastes goooooood!


The irony at times like these is I spent all morning repairing the AF system on my Nikor AFS 70-300 G ED VR 4.5/5.6, now it works,funnily enough took disassembly pictures on my K01 with the FA 50mm 1.4!


Hm.. Can I join the party ?Smile It's almost 2 a,m. at my place, I am sitting at work and cannot have a bear, but hopefully tommorow morning... Smile Cheers.




It seems our spanish friends have more info... 36Mpx, IBIS, and size almost like K-3. lovely



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