Full Version: Difference between "View New Content" and "Recent topics"?
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Only to understand better: I made my last post before this one at the end of November. Since this time the "View New Content" tab says "Sorry, no new content found" while in the "Recent topics" there's still something going on.


I'm just asking because some time ago the "View New Content" ran was working and ever since I didn't clean browser history or something like that,

Recent topics = the latest new topics

New content = the topics with the newest messages

Yes, that's the way I understood that - so far. But there were loads of new messages since beginning of December and none of them was indicated as "New content".

It remains to be weird:


[Image: i-gfskZ3V.png]

Why are the recent topics not listed in the new content? Somehow I don't wonder why there's silence over long periods, if members are only checking the "New content" and don't see added topics  :unsure:


[Image: i-MSTfP7k.png]