Full Version: Sony rumors - A7000, new 16-50 kit lens, new 16-70 Zeiss
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I wonder whether Sony gets it finally right.

Thanks for the information that you share with us.
It has been ages we didn't see new Sony Zeiss lenses, I don't think we will be seeing any
The rumors (and the first post) are from more than 5 years ago. Harris565 is likely just a spam account, created to leave a single but meaningless post that creates attention for the link to a fishy website usually found in the account's profile or signature... except there is no such link in this account, must have slipped the poster's attention, maybe it's a spammer at the beginning of his or her job training Wink

We usually delete these profiles, but since (so far) there is no spam link in this one, I'll just leave it there...
I don't think that Sony will waste much energy on APS-C at this stage.

Now that the giant (Canon) has woken up, they know where to spend their energies.
Status update: it seems the spammer finally noticed that the important part was missing and added a signature. Unfortunately it was pointing to a strange games site. I just updated it.