Full Version: 12 and 14mm f/1.0?
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I wonder if these two lenses will ever materialize ?




Even if they are large (as large as their f1.8 FF equivalent for instance) I think they would be very welcome.

Would be very nice to have "slow" but compact f1.8 lenses when one wants to save size/weight and large f/1 lenses when DOF is absolutely needed.


Now a set of 17, 25 and 42, all f/1.0 would be something!

f/1.0 would indicate a comparatively low peak performance.

Quote:f/1.0 would indicate a comparatively low peak performance.

The Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 shows a pretty high peak performance. I don't see why Oly couldn't manager similar results (if not better wide-open).
Yes, but 12/14mm are wide angles ...

Let's first see if they even release such a lens which is still quite doubtful... ;-)


I think if one tries to squeeze the dof on MFT by going for unlimited large aperture and loosing the small weight and size benifit then he/she shuld not choose a MFT system in the first place.


I think Olympus will ultimately fall under the pressure to either go for a bigger sensor or bigger lenses to compete on DOF control.

It's unlikely they'll go FF anytime soon when they're finally showing some proper lenses for MFT. I'd be looking forward to that because beyond sheer optics & full frame sensor appeal, I very much like Olympus ergonomics & sweet IBIS. The temptation is already quite strong to look at Fuji & Sony but I always come back to IBIS. Difficult to forget it on that 35-50mm equiv range.


Looking at the not so wide end of things, we see that the VL 17mm & 25mm & SLR Magic 25mm are performing quite well too (the slr magic is even better than the VL, it seems), I can imagine Olympus making an AF version and label it in their "PRO" range with the adequate price 1k$, which starts to be a little stretched for a f/2 equivalent... but it'll sell anyway. Everything is still possible for a price :-)