Full Version: Long tele zoom lens
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So it's going to be a XF 140-400mm f/4-5.6 R LM OIS WR

This baby you mean?



Looks really very nice indeed!  When I saw the lens I thought  "if Fuji brought out an OVF DSLR" as an additional line with their mirror-less range they could eat up the APSc market now they have their tremendous lens line up.  

It's interesting indeed. Too bad that it's due for end 2015 and we don't have any hint about size, weight and af-speed (I'm assuming the IQ will be good).

The trend on large lenses for mirrorless cameras makes me think that the strategy has shifted towards mirrorless as DSLR replacement instead of complement

I agree that once this lens (or others like it) are available, it will be one less reason to need DSLRs.


It would be interesting to see if they do something to make it noticeably smaller/lighter than comparable optical quality DSLR lenses in this class. In theory mirrorless doesn't give any significant benefit here.