Full Version: Opinions EF 24-70 f4 L
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Hi there,


I wonder what the verdict is on the EF 24-70 f4 L. How "bad" is the focus shift in real life? There have been rumors that the lens AF electronics might compensate for it. Has that been confirmed somehow? How bad is the focus shift during MF work? Does it matter in "non-macro" mode and at distances beyond 1 meter?


Reason for asking is that I am still looking for a "decent" FF standard zoom.


The newly announced 24-105STM is somewhat underwhelming from an overall look and feel perspective if you consider it being part of a "high end" FF camera kit.



Any opinion or real-life experience regarding the 24-70 f4 would be most welcome!






....oops sorry Tom, I haven't been looking in at PZ for some time, so missed your post here. Anyway, I have this lens, which was unfortunately also the one tested here with the focus shift problem :-(  


.....Seems there might have been an alignment or maybe out-of-factory mistake on my lens. Some time after the lens test here I was at Canon to have the 400 aligned to my camera, and in talking about my 24-70 f4L they said, "No worries we'll fix it," and they did. So there is no focus-shift autofocus problem with my lens now + I haven't had a problem manually focusing macro.


Hmmm,  :wub: (this is the only red face emoticon I could find) - It may mean nothing to others, but for me: I like this lens. It's sharp and clean throughout its range. I like having the macro feature. Everything good for me.


Now unfortunately you can't go into Canon here (Auspost is the go, although there is always the phone I suppose)....So I may never have talked to the reps and I might still be a miserable SOB. So goes my good fortune....


And now I have an almost complete range of lenses (only a little light, low cost 17-50f2.8 to go....I'll check it at the shop soon, and in any case there are famous alternatives available), so I'm going missing from this site again....to make everyone happy....:-)


....Lastly, I notice you talk of 'high end'....Well I'm sure that you should like this lens.....but....I actually just bought a 100D (formally had 7d & 70D) and dare I say that the pictures I'm seeing out of my new camera are as good as anything I've seen regarding doing post editing with them. The stm I also bought is cheap light and super nice. I suppose it is all plastic and might not take the knocks and last so long, but at the prices I paid, I can buy almost 3-4X100D's and 5X55-250's for the price of my previous gear, and the speed that gear changes this might be a good thing.

I, for one, never am happy when you are not around.


But besides that, the EF-S 10-18mm IS STM is also all plastic, and also very nice. And very light.

Most people who have the 24-70mm f4 L IS USM really like it. The only thing I have seen from it which is not optimal, is the bokeh. But it is a standard zoom, and in most situations it is not a concern.