Full Version: Visited the Aussie Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year exhibition
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Some really excellent photo there. They also listed the gear used for the shots.

I'd estimate that ~50% used Canon - lots of photos taken with the 100-400mm USM L IS (II) and the 100mm f/2.8 macro (L IS).

~30% Nikon. ~10% Olympus. ~10% Sony. 1 photo taken with a Pentax K-1.

I was surprised that high end gear was only used for about a fourth of the photos maybe.

And a few were taken with "crap" equipment - which shows once more that quality gear isn't everything.



Well most available gear now is very capable, even a rudimentary entry level SLR (or mirrorless) is capable of things even pro cameras of the 90s couldn't do.

Here's a comparo EOS M5 vs 5Dmkiv vs Fuji GFX, crop vs full frame vs medium format that shows this very nicely