Full Version: I need EFs 10-18mm but not available here...yet
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I am looking forward to get Canon efs 10-18 however Canon Lebanon don't have it yet, they say they will have it "soon" local prices here are rather high: I should expect something like +450$


My other  option is to import it however, where I live this should be problematic since it has to pass by the customs etc... which means one to two weeks waiting at least 100$ for shipping plus customs and worst of all: no warranty, if I have  a bad sample  shipping for repairs costs almost the same as the lens.

Should I take the risk of missing the summer season or the risk of a lemon/broken lens knowing I have a very bad record with previous lenses, how is Canon quality controle those days ?

Well, consider yourself to be lucky that you don't have a Sony or Fuji camera ...  Rolleyes


Canon's QC seems alright these days. That being said it is an IS lens and you know what I think about this ...

However, it is also a very slow lens so QC issues are largely hidden by this.

He didn't bring it with him :wacko:  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad

my other chance is getting it from a friend coming from Rostov (Russia) next week or a colleague coming from Portugal in ten days any idea about good online shops in russia ?