Full Version: should I get EFS 10-18 ??
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Seems a good lens, is a major plus however the slow aperture would be a major handicap for focusing in low light

I am interested in getting one, this should be my first lens purchase since a couple of years Smile

What should I expect from this lens ?


I would have preferred an aultrawide prime lens like a 10 or 12mm f2.8 since the zoom range is extremely limited but nobody makes such a lens (aside fisheye)

So so do you recommed I get this one ?

Well, it has more low light potential than most ... it has an IS ...


I expect it to be a great performer actually other than for distortions. 

The aperture will not impact AF much. Only lenses at f2.8 or faster and "accepted" as such by the camera body will focus more "accurately" with extra f2.8 sensitive AF points. But in normal outdoor city night conditions, the lens will focus just fine. 


For now, the lens seems to be just like any other good UWA, just lighter and with the inclusion of IS. Corner/border performance seems ok.
A first hands on review in dutch, with downloadable full res. samples in the slide show.



Looks very good, I must say. Magenta/green CA which will be very easily correctable, especially with DPP once it has profiles for them.
Distortion does not seem too dramatic either:


In a best case scenario I may be able to review the lens this weekend.

That would be awesome, Klaus.

I ordered this lens from Canon Lebanon, it is taking them decades to ship it..., every week they say next week