Full Version: new Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 II
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Seems to have been optimized for video now. The specs seem to be identical otherwise.

Optimized for video how? No click aperture ring? The optics have to be changed to make it without focus breathing, so it can't be that.. Hmm, and it still says f0.95, so not T-stops instead. My Japanese is not upto spec to read the page  :lol:

I can't care less for this new version.

Why can't they modernise their lenses and release them (17.5, 25 and 42.5) with full AF?

I'd be the first one to buy the whole set!


It's been "reviewed" already on a few places, I think. Mostly a clickless aperture, yes.

I think ephotozine found it performed better than MkI but they can't be sure it wasn't sample variation, of course.