Full Version: next PZ lens test report: Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA
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Wow, that is a bit disappointing. I was expecting this lens to be stellar. 


The vignetting is really rather heavy, the Canon 35mm IS USM does better at f2.8 than the Zeiss at f8...

And the Canon appears to be a bit sharper in the borders/corners, while it is a cheaper and faster lens. Also the LoCA is surprisingly high.

Well, I didn't expect much more actually.

At 36mp you are seeing scaling effects primarily in the image center whereas the borders are comparatively more dampened compared to smaller mp cameras. I don't think that a comparison to a 20mp EOS 5D II is valid.


Plus we are talking about a mirrorless system.


Thus for a prime lens this is alright here.

Yeah, you might be right about the scaling effects concerning the borders. 

Probably I were wrong, but I thought it would have been tested on APC-S too...  Smile

There'll be an APS-C test.


But first ... vacation time ...


I think vignetting is way too high for a $800 f2.8 lens; is this due to the lens itself or the camera ? The corner resolution I'm less sure - did you have a chance to test this on the A7; I know that it is lower resolution but it is said that the A7 actually has a better micro-lens structure than the A7r (i.e, some of the resolution loss might be due to the sensor design?). Hopefully you will have interest in doing the 50f1.8; kind of curious if it is also over the top in price or has some real value to offer.

I don't understand this verdict at all:

Canon 35/2 gets 4 stars and has a center resolution of 3512 LW/PH @ f/2.8

This Zeiss only gets 3 stars and has a center resolution of 4252 @ f/2.8 and on the border still very close to the center of the Canon

Is the worse verdict only because of vignetting? That could easily be corrected in post, or am I wrong?
Quote:There'll be an APS-C test.


But first ... vacation time ...

Enjoy Klaus - I didn't certainly want to put pressure :-) Just to check that I understood correctly.


@JoJu Vignetting is certainly corrected in pp, but Klaus said that since the EV delta is relevant, you clearly see increased noise. I've still to get back home before I can pixel-peep the photos and figure out by myself; in any case, I'd be interested in APS-C so vignetting won't be a problem for me, for sure one more star. I just need to understand whether the higher acuity is still so high with a smaller sensor.


Good review, as always.


I'm wondering about this auto correction business with RAWs.  I understand that enabling auto correction in camera will affect RAWs with regard to CA, distortion and vignetting, but how do the RAW editors deal with this in terms of lens profiles?


Example, I notice there is an FE 35mm profile in Adobe Camera RAW, but does the profile assume lens correction is on or off in camera?  I assume the Adobe profile is designed to apply a fixed set of correction values, so anybody using this would surely need to be careful that they choose the correct setting in camera, otherwise the correction values will be wrong.

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