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Not as stellar as some might have hoped. Still good.



A lot better resolution than the 24-105L and the score is the same? Oh.  :wacko:

Although I'll buy it for Nikon and it won't be available before end of February, I have a couple of thoughts to share on this result.

1. Thank you for testing it

2. Thank you, Markus, for testing the Nikon competitors 24-120 and 24-85. None in the exact same range. Which goes as well for 24-70/2.8

3. And none of the Nikon choices are better than that although I realize the results might be different on Nikon because one cannot compare lenses without the camera behind.

4. The double tube was not even mentioned on 24-85 or 24-120. Different testers, different priorities? That's okay.

5. The weather sealing is nothing I will think too much of it. It's nowhere defined by Nikon, against which kind of weather those lenses should be resisting - and how long. We have weather all day, when we go outside. As long as I don't know the specs, I don't feel confident with those marketing keywords. Just keep in mind, that if there no specs or no measuring routines for "weather sealing", each brand can use this word, but no customer will get a free repair when he calls in and tells service, a blizzard or hailstorm is weather, too.

6. The others have double tubes, too. So zooming in rain or snow will eventually bring water into the lens. Good to keep that in mind.

7. Why should any zoom in this class deliver "stellar performance"? There are primes for those kind of demands.

I'm looking forward how this lens will perform on D800 with high resolving sensor. I've seen the Canon version and was impressed. Zoom and focus rings work really smooth.
Well, this is an EOS test and the direct competitor is the Canon 24-105mm L IS - which is a mono-cam design.

As far as stellar performance is concerned: essentially I wanted to hint towards the fact that shorter zoom lenses a la 24-70 are better.

I see focus shift with aperture change, assuming you don't refocus between tests. Not something you can manually adjust with their USB dock is it?

Yeah, right. I forgot to point this ount (done).

Theoretically this could be fixed via the dock but whether it is possible in practical terms - no idea.

Thanks for the test Klaus.


I believe, the Sigma will find its share in the market.

Amazon Germany lists it 50e below the Canon 24-105.

Not that I would swap my 24-105L for the SIgma, but

a potential buyer of the Canon might just go fore the Sigma.


Just my 2 cts ... Rainer

Quote:A lot better resolution than the 24-105L and the score is the same? Oh.  :wacko:
A lot better? The center resolution is better for the Sigma, but the Canon is good there too. Border and corner performance seem pretty similar. Sharpness wise images probanly will be very hard to tell apart... Also in other tested areas the seem on par. Not so strange, similar scores. 
The center resolution of the Sigma goes through the roof at 24 and 40mm, not much worse at the longer FLs. There's a lot less vignetting at 24mm as well. All in all merits at least 0,5* increase, if you ask me. Oh well, neither lens is on my list so why do I sweat.

Admittedly I am a little obsessed with sharp extreme corners for anything below 50mm ... and the Sigma has a weakness here at 24mm (not visible in the charts - mentioned in the text).

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