Full Version: Leica DG Noctitron 42.5mm f1.2 for M43 announced.
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For $1600! On the same day Fuji announces their f1.2 portrait lens for $1000. If I was a M43 user, I would buy the Olympus 45mm and 75mm instead: not only are they the best Olympus lenses, you would actually be saving money.


Totally agree.

Plus, this Pana/Leica is larger and heavier than the Fuji (so much for the benefit of a smaller sensor)!! I couldn't care less about OIS since I have a Oly body and I much prefer lenses w/o stabilization anyway due to inherent added complexity and reliability issues.


The Voigtlander 42.5 f/0.95 is actually smaller than the Pana/Leica too...


Is this a m43 lens? :blink:

The centering quality at f/1.2 will be interesting ... this thing has an IS. Insane.

I can't argue there: I remember when the Sony 50mm f1.8 was released with IS and how big a deal it was at the time, since it was the fastest lens with IS ever made. A few short years and now we have an actual f1.2 stabilized lens and it's becoming frequent for fast prime lenses to have IS, at least for Sony, Canon and Panasonic. 


This Panasonic record is unlikely to ever be broken. That said, we live in interesting times...

Really a monster on a GX7........just forget it and look forward to the Pana-Leica15/1.7 (1.4?)




Kind of wish they left out the IS

Quote:Really a monster on a GX7........just forget it and look forward to the Pana-Leica15/1.7 (1.4?)



Well, bigger is better.


The lens gets reviewed at lenstip, it is so quick!




(In contrast, the Nikkor 16-35mm F4 gets reviewed only recently at lenstip---four years after the launch of the lens.)

Looking good - at least on 12mp.

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