Full Version: next PZ lens test report: Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8
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We live in a time when most lenses are Highly Recommended. Or have you got all the junk ones out of the way already? Smile

we live in a time when I am currently testing mostly prime lenses ... B)


And this one wasn't decentered Smile So would you actually use this lens or is the focus length not to your liking ?
Well, the centering wasn't perfect.

"42mm" is Ok. As you may have seen in the sample image I had quite some fun with it.

I would prefer it to be a stop faster maybe.

The 23mm f/1.4 could be just the right thing ;-)


Yea. I think the x2/23f1.4 and 56f1.2 could be a nice system; esp with the 14f2.8 and 55-200. But then again it would cost close to 4.5K Smile


Quote:The 23mm f/1.4 could be just the right thing ;-)



Still, with the current heavy rebates on the 27mm in the US, I just couldn't resist buying it  Big Grin At the moment, one saves about 170 CHF importing the lens instead of buying it directly here in Switzerland.. It's already back-ordered though and will be probably delivered in early April. Just in time for the X-T1 to arrive  Wink


Overall, I think 200-300$ is the right price point for this kind of lens. It's just not fast enough to justify its normal 450$/€ price tag...