Full Version: Best mirrorless for birding (compared to Nikon D500)
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Like often, when an article promises "the best...", that bit is and has to be a lie.


There is no " the best", in general, but one for me and one for you and for another person. At least that made it into the conclusion. As I can't speak about the other systems, I was just checking the X-T2 and was missing two topics I consider worth to mention:


The grip.


This thing does a bit more than just increase continuous FPS. Reduced blackout, faster AF-C, much longer reach with three instead of one batteries. I really think, it's one of the best grips I had so far, but by a long throw not the most expensive one. He didn't have one for this test (as it appears), but getting a bit better results in speed comes at the cost of a bit more money spent, weight and size. However, I didn't went mirrorless because of size. The gap towards FF DSLR still is huge.


The focus by wire.


Sucks totally. Nice if the birds take care to always fly in open spaces, than even I get a chance to spray and pray. But in any situation the AF shrugs his head, I save a lot of nerves by just putting the camera back into it's bag.


I also disagree with the amount of controls (minus the ones which are redundant or of no big use), but that's just me.


And the 100-400... well, the only lens at the moment for this kind of subject. And the moment already lasts a long year, all they come up with is a super fat and expensive 200/2 which still is not available - I don't know, I would not wax too much poetry about X-T2 at the moment.

Since you do not wax too much poetry on the Fujifilm camera, I guess Mathieu's verdict still stands ,,,, Wink.


Personally, I only rarely do any birding, so the E-M1 II for me is just a case of overkill, which will last me easily 5 years or so - that, 20MP and extended battery life were the main considerations for me. All the other options are really just extras, just in case.


Currently, I shoot most with the Pen-F, but then, that is a camera I have with me at all times. Smile


Kind regards, Wim