Full Version: New E-mount FF lenses
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How do you like the Nex a7r? Any comments how it handles compare to the nex 7 ? I've heard it has a really loud shutter and the usual wide angle issues (I think the nex a7 (non r) is suppose to have micro lenses for wide angle lenses).

Quote:Honestly I am somehow unsure where to put it.

Technically this is neither NEX nor Alpha. However, I will use the A7R for the Sony Alpha tests as well so I reckon it'll be in the Alpha FF section.


Howsabout collating all the Alpha tests into one category (A-mount), with two columns for APS-C and FF, and the same for NEX (E-mount)? This way you won't have to have four subcategories for Sony, which probably doesn't fit.

There's also a different way, though I understand that adding the ninth general category is not possible since it would interfere with the general design of the page. But from the technical standpoint it may be valid, since Sony A and E mount are different. In the end, you could move to the 3x3 layout instead of 4x2 on the main page.

Actually, there isn't really a space problem on the front page.

You may notice that there is just one Icon per brand and within the boxes you have 1-3 links to the respective sections.


The more practical problem is that I will use the A7R for Alpha tests (via Adapter) so there's a mixture of A-mount and E-mount here.

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