Full Version: Next PZ lens test report: Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2
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... and Sigma beating Zeiss' 35/1.4 Big Grin

weird world....
Quote:Hey, there's also Voigtlander!
Well, there's Zeiss, Voigtländer, Konica, Minolta, SLR Magic...

And some interesting russian lenses, too. I'll probably have some fun with a Jupiter 8 lens, soon. Not stellar, I'm sure, but available dirt cheap...

-- Markus


I'm very surprise by the scoring. If I remember correctly the zeiss 35f2 was heavily penalized for wide-open vignetting. Here we have a conservative 50f2 with nearly 3 stops of vignetting @ f2 along with several other flaws. Basically about the only thing that seems 'great' about this lens is that it has good corner resolution but lets compare it to the olympus OM (not 4/3) 50f2 which is likely a better lens in most aspect 'cept size.

Several other flaws?

Yes, vignetting is a weak point, no doubt, but that's partly an issue of the whole system (at least the digital part of it), as you will soon see.

Apart from that, the only thing to complain about IMO is the somewhat nervous bokeh wide open.

-- Markus
Is there any kind of weather sealing on this generation of Leica lenses?




-- Markus
Quote:Hey, there's also Voigtlander!
That'd be the local Tamron. Smile
Quote:That'd be the local Tamron. Smile
Indeed. In both cases their latest products are very interesting... and surprisingly expensive Wink

-- Markus
Speaking of Voigtlander - all this talk has piqued my curiosity, and I've found an interesting resource on CV lenses for Leica mount - http://www.cameraquest.com/voigtlen.htm

Looks like a huge trove of lenses to me! Wonder how you're going to test them all. Smile

Yep, quite a resource, isn't it? Smile

I will not be able to test all of them, of course. Many are already discontinued, some difficult to get. And some of them are no fun on a digital M (like the very compact wide-angles).

FWIW, here's what's currently in my queue:

35/1.2 (first version, not the current one)
35/1.4 MC
50/1.5 Aspherical (discontinued version, not the new one)
50/2 Nickel
50/3.5 Nickel
90/3.5 APO

And these are on my wish list:

35/1.2 II
50/1.1 Nokton
50/1.5 Nokton (the new one)

-- Markus
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