Full Version: So finally ... the Nikon D850
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Preorders in CH are massive. It appears Nikon triggered a lot of wishes with the new camera. Now it's about time to update some old lenses which by far are not up to the new sensor. Or, as Jordan from the camera store TV put it: "throw their Nikkors away and get Sigma Art"


With a glance at the latest Canon offerings I can't help to be envy, even if I see that the D850 is a better package with more value than current top FF bodies from Canon.

So, Markus... is it going to be the new FX testing platform? If yes, are you going to cease D3X reviews until you get the new camera?


I have one question. Maybe it is off topic

Does anybody have actual sells data of full frame cameras?  How many percentage or units are sold last year, quarter or month?


My subjective perception is that modern FF dSLRs are soaring the 6x6 IQ, price, weight and size. I wonder do they share the same sells segment

While the smartphone camera are following 35mm route – just deliver the IQ for media used by average person. Back in time media was 10x15 -> 13x18cm.  prints for photoalbums/books, nowadays is HD screen

You could ask Google, but reliable numbers are difficult to get, the Chinese market is a more closed one.


However, as much as I like resolution and sharpness of current "FF" bodies, I still see a gap between them and real MF backs. I do like the pictures of a D810 on a 80×30 cm double page in an album better than any affordable print before, so I also slightly disagree with viewing sizes: Although in general you're right, but I didn't buy a highres cam for this size of prints.


Thanks for replay JoJu,

I have no doubt – there are areas where you still need 35mm SLRs.

My concern is that they become a tiny niche product. The results are high prices, low development.

Results are already available

– touch screen appears 17 years after consumer products.

<p style="margin-left:18pt;">-        The pioneer Back lit sensor that Nikon uses in D820 – was already available in small size for 10 years.

<p style="margin-left:18pt;"> 

<p style="margin-left:18pt;">PS: I still remembered the time when every house has camera and 80..90% of then ware 35mm

<p style="margin-left:18pt;">Novadays every house has 3..5 cameras – and most of them are smartphone. I was curious to know,  how many FF units sells Canon Sony and Nikon .

It's a D850, not D820, and the touch screens appeared before - although not in high-end DSLRs. Sony is not so shy to use this approved  tech since a while. Nikon is one of the most conservative manufacturers.


As for the backlit sensors: I don't know, but 858 mm<sup>2</sup> is a challenge to make and pack 53.263 pixels on each mm<sup>2</sup> (sometimes I exercise my calculator ^_^ ) 


If one bought a camera before digital, there was already a choice to fumble in 135 or 120 rolls or get a 126 or 110 pack and just ram it in a camera like a tape cassette. Lateron APS films offered a bit more comfort, but basically professional cameras were much more expensive than they are these days - concerning the annual salaries.

Quote:So, Markus... is it going to be the new FX testing platform? If yes, are you going to cease D3X reviews until you get the new camera?
Yes and no Wink
The new camera (=D850) could become a long awaited item... My goodness, you go from bronze age towards flickr...

Over at PetaPixel are some ISO 25.600 examples. Not mindblowing... Hrrrm, that is looking at them with the normal expectation of waht to get out of the camera at ISO up  to 3.200, but that's still 3 stops faster. Desaturated, but still usable. I'm just very curious how it will focus at -4 / -3 EV (in center / outer focuspoints)


The rich blacks, contrasty strings and the beautiful worn corners of ISO 25600 bass contra shots tells you everything.

Truly amazing!
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