Full Version: Next PZ lens test report: Nikkor AF 20mm f/2.8 D (DX)
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Didn't shine on the D200 in the early days of photozone, doesn't look any better on the D7000:


-- Markus

"optical formular" in the first paragraph.

I wonder how this lens performs when you really correct CA ? (shrinking the colour channels to same size)

With such high values it must impact resolution too, besides contrast.


Still a good looking 20mm, though.

Any kit lens would probably have better resolution though... The 18-55 VR sure looks better in this regard (at 18 or 24mm), but of course has worse distortion. But a lot of people I know are using this 20mm on FX (D3/D4) for some reason.




How does it come, that the 20mm lens on the D3X performed significantly better? Even the actual 16-35mm was not rated better!