Full Version: The SEL70200G collar
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It's a good collar from the stability point of view, also considering the max. focal length which is limited. But as time goes on, the locking mechanism is becoming loose. Almost two years ago I dropped the lens and cracked it in two parts, because I failed to fasten the lock. I'm starting to fear that now it could open on its own.


So I figured out I could just buy a replacement. How much could cost, after all? I thought 70-80 €.


Well... 220 $, indeed:



You can always go third party, there are plenty in Canon and Nikon world, not sure about Sony
I had found a 70-400 G1 with no tripod collar for dirt cheap. I think the quote was 400$ or so for the tripod collar and I don't really want that lens without a collar, so had to pass on it Sad.