Full Version: Sony E 10-24mm f/4 OSS review delayed once more
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Why so upset? That I don´t care about video? That I value things according to my needs and preferences? Decentered lenses are a bloody nuisance and it appears that Sony needs to improve in this regard.

Actually the smily should have show the irony. Yes, Sony should improve their QA, but I think this are still only gadgets.
The lens producing industry should get a grip of it's quality control in general!  Tamron, Sigma, Pentax, etc. It should be a pleasure buying a new lens,personally I've found it disappointing,stressful and time consuming. In the seventies these problems rarely occurred. I know lenses are more complicated now,but it follows that the quality control should be more critical also.

   There's a lot to be said for Pentax's in body IS. 

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