Full Version: Next PZ lens test report: Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.4 G (DX)
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Performs a bit lower on the D7000 than you'd expect from the D3x results.




-- Markus

And now the Sigma... B)


That lens is bad luck for the otherwise nice Nikkor. [Image: i-P6BcJ2L-L.jpg] Sorry for ISO 6400 but I rather take the noise instead of my "handshaken" blur. 100% crop, 1/90, f/2


I'd give you mine for testing but somehow it seems to be glued to the D800 Big Grin .


Two words to the borders: In my eyes it's a rare picture if I have to see border sharpness at open aperture. Unless in LiveView, there's no AF sensor there to focus. And with field curvature of most lenses it's somehow a lucky shot, if one hits the right place by guessing. Most of the quick shots can't be done with LiveView.


Also, stopping down not only reduces the "danger" of border weaknesses, but increases also the necessary DOF. With lenses at f/1.4 one should make sure to check back- or front-focus before, otherwise there's a very high chance to get a sharp pictures but regretfully not where you wanted to have it sharp.

Can't seem to find it in the Nikon DX index. Just sayin'.  Wink

'course not, too new, and the testers currently are busy with historic lenses  ^_^ It looks pretty good on a D7000, too, but I like to wait with my own DX pixelpeepings until I have D7100 - that'd be more pixel density and I'm really curious how this lovely glass behaves in front of a Toshiba sensor.