Full Version: Nikon D750 rumored to have hybrid viewfinder
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Nikon is celebrating its 100th birthday and a normal camera isn't a way to celebrate.

Nikon D750 seems to hide a lot of surprises, from the pictures the viewfinder seems to have something unusual, will it be a hybrid viewfinder?

Is Nikon's way of entering "mirrorless" full frame this way it has the best of both worlds?

Toni, at least get the number straight! There's already a D750, the rumored camera is a D850. And I think, this "rumor" is a fake and clickbait, nothing else.


And I don't think, Sonyrumors will get earlier info on a Nikon than Nikon rumors: https://nikonrumors.com/2017/07/27/the-n...crop.aspx/


At least, there's a tillable touchscreen. Although a tilt-swivel is more versatile and I don't believe Nikon's UI designers are capable to make the most out of a touchscreen. Because otherwise there's no need for the joystick which comes in fashion.