Full Version: Sony FE100-400 review
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But I'm a bit puzzled. The evaluation of sharpness is on par with a first class lens (quite expensive, BTW: 2.900€...); but there are a few animal shots @400mm, and honestly my Sigma 150-600 C looks sharper... Maybe because the reviewer shot them at ISO 1000 - I keep the ISO at lower levels, but it's also true that a Sony A7RII should have a comparable, if not better, performance at ISO 1000 that my a6{0,3}00 one stop less sensible. And it doesn't look like micro-blur (the reviewer shot hand-held).

Shitty NR is used, so trying to judge sharpness of the lens is not worth the effort.

DXOmark reviews are mostly nonsense. Not a good source.


You might find this comparison informative: