Full Version: a6300 - problem with exposing to the right
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I'm mostly exposing to the right since a few years, when I switched to the mirrorless. It's easy to do with the live histogram. After another day on the field, I seem to have collected enough stats to say that something is not working with the a6300, as I tend to "underexpose" frequently (I mean, the histogram is not aligned to the right by a full stop). A problem is that, unlike the NEX-6 and the a6000, turning the back dial to compensate the exposure in A mode doesn't just change the setting, so I immediately see the histogram moving back and forth, but an intermediate reading appears in the EVF, with an EV graduated scale - totally useless and disturbing, and I've been unable to understand whether it can be disabled.


Does this happen also to other a6300 users?

Is it possible to set up an enlarged dynamic range at the α6300? That setting usually lowers the exposure to preserve highlights. But it's just the first idea which popped in my mind.

I use ISO 50 and the color profile deep(Saturation +3). If you use zebra 100+ it is working very well. You can use DRO too, if it's not changing the highlights.
ISO 50 on a a6300? And DRO doesn't have an impact on the raw files (while it might be helpful, with other settings, in the EVF).

ISO 50 is not changing the RAW file, it is simply setting a offset. So if you shout manual with ISO 50 there should be no differences to ISO 100. But you move the sampling of the jpeg and preview 1 EV to the highlights. Which is very near to the real limit. If you reduce the contrast in the picture styles you can see some clipping in the jpegs which is not present in the preview. You simply have to test the settings which are working best for you. This is what I do in the RX1R II but I think it will be not that different on the 6300.


I use DRO  +5 simply to get a better preview.