Full Version: Nikon in trouble
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Nikon has some pretty film bodies to put Fuji Acros and Velvia in. I have no idea why would benefit Fuji from buying Nikon Big Grin

Reputation, longer glass and better flash-tech.

They just want Nikon to not be an easy prey for take over by a foreign company, I guess. A smaller Nikon (in numbers) still can survive, they just want to hide it under a wing of a different company. It is not about a merger of what Fuji's current camera business and Nikon's current camera business is.

As far as I understood the message on Fuji Rumors, it's the Japanese government who wants to keep Nikon a Japanese brand. The way Nikon developed no real new things is not very attractive for another manufacturer to bind this weight around the own leg.

Nikon using fuji sensors... that's quite interesting 

in fact Fuji and Nikon don't have directly competitive products and an alliance would be great

Fuji is interested in medium formal while Nikon has full frame, for the APS-C fuji might be the mirrorless neache Nikon was lacking, they seem too much complementary 

Classic Japanese way to doing things I think. Japan as a whole is a big family business.
Or maybe not: Nikon rumors is denying https://nikonrumors.com/2017/06/06/about...umor.aspx/

It's the third similar (and probably similarly rubbish) rumor in (very) recent memory, looks like someone has too much time on his/her hands.


I know we have an april fools joke thread on this but I have to assume that sooner or later Nikon will be in deep crap. Canon can always treat their camera as a hobby if things go south but Nikon ?

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