Full Version: Little guidance on best starter Camera LENS
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Hi, I am thinking of pruchasing a Canon 500D or either the Canon 7D. I am thinking I may be best served with the 500D being a newbie and maybe using the cash saved to purchase a better lense. My budget is limited and would be thinking if I got the 7D I would be looking at one lens to start with. What is the best general use lens If you could have only one. I already have two a 35-80mm and 70-300mm and a Film SLR both will go over to either. I am thinking a good lens for indoor and also say taking to Zoos parks ect. Any help ideas would be great.
What does a 500D go for these days? About half a 7D? As nice as the 7D is, if you don't know why you would need a 7D, then you probably don't!

The 70-300 should do well for park/zoo trips and that class lens is what I use most in that scenario. Which one is it? The 35-80 isn't really worth anything in a modern sense, but you can still experiment with it.

I think you would do well to look for the 500D with the EF-S 18-55 IS kit lens as a general purpose zoom. Make sure it is the "IS" version. Only when you find your limits with this and your existing lenses you can then look at spending the rest of the budget on where you want to go next. There are many better lenses you can look at, but there's an awful lot of choice and the price only goes up! So no need to run from the start.


Hi POPO Thanks for reply so quick too. I think i will look for the 500D and do as you suggest I know it makes sense. i tend to get carried away and want more and more. I think the point of walking before I run