Full Version: Ultrawide double punch from Sony: 16-35 and 12-24
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Yeah the prices are ridiculous.

How many good lenses are sanely priced in the Sony FF lineup ? Maybe 2 or 3 at best?

That's absurd.

Clearly Sony is aiming at the pro market first. Maybe later they will address the enthusiast crowd (or so I hope).

It's true that - looking at previous releases - the street price is almost immediately lower; but, yes, the price is high. Unfortunately, as we're commenting in another post, I think it's a trend that is going to stay... In any case, after the a6300 I can declare "arsenal complete".  Smile

Guys, before you complain about "insanely high prices": Please prove to do a better lens at lower prices! These days everybody became an expert in how much a certain item "is allowed to be sold at". At the end manufacturers blurb about "price pressure" and produce in low level countries, because you give them the excuse to do so. Are you sure your jobs remain safe that way? Are you sure you have the overview about financing and target turnarounds?


You don't work for free and you don't work for the same salary you did 20 years ago. Buy the lens or leave it or build your own at lower costs. No one has to go the "new Mark II, III IV" each other year. I'm really a bit fed up about all hobby-analysts, the professional analysts already creating a lot of damage.

I think that we have some hint to assert that Sony's prices are higher... let's compare some lens. For instance, the 100-400 ƒ⁄4.5-5.6. Just looked at B&H: Canon is priced at $2000, Sony at $2500. It's to be said that the Canon lens is legendary and the Sony has still to demonstrate it's on par (or eventually better). It's 25% more expensive.

 Sony has a bunch of people with money in their pockets to spend on lenses they so far haven't been able to buy, this is a good situation for them, with most other brands you can pick or choose.

 The way I'm seeing Sony at the moment is, they know they are in the ascendant in a DSLR market that's generally in decline (nothing new there) The A9 is and will cause more "heat" than any other camera, that's for certain........


    .....all that's needed now is the lenses and Sony are doing great with the new G Masters, the reviews are now out, the 16-35mm F2.8 is kicking butt, so they can ask top dollar!

Quote:Although Sony's release frenzy is completely insane. I thought Fuji was fast but Sony is beating that pace.

What I'm wondering about ... how many can possibly afford gear at this price level? The GM stuff is clearly in professional or snob territory.

Photo forums are full of "Sony doesn't have enough lenses" messages. Even the insane pace we see now seems not enough to please the crowds.


Sony prices are indeed high, but new gear from the competition is not cheap either.

As income of professional photographers is going down due to market pressure (see how many newspapers laid off in-house staff), I guess the target now is rich amateurs who believe they need corner sharpness wide open.

On the other side, if the megapixel race goes on, maybe wide open will soon be the only aperture without diffraction killing the resolution.
Quote: I guess the target now is rich amateurs who believe they need corner sharpness wide open.

It could be... and it would be worrisome, because it wouldn't last long.

Define "last long".


The lenses will probably last longer than the bodies - or the refreshment circle of the next mount  :lol:

Quote:Define "last long".

Well, the next economic bubble that bursts... 4/5 years?
These bubbles burst on a daily basis, at least one big idea gets crunched every day - just pick your choice.  Sad


If that madness in the world increases intensity and/or speed, I'm afraid we'll be lucky to see only this kind of burst within the next 5 years.  :mellow:

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