Full Version: NEX lens review section merged
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Ok, I am a bit late there but there are now only two Sony sections - Full Format and APS-C.

The respective overview pages now distinguish between FE/E- and A-mount tests


So NEX is gone (also from the front-page) but all reviews remain accessible.

Damn - it's still in the forum menu ...


Quote:Damn - it's still in the forum menu ...
There are quite a number of broken links in the Sony section. Seems they still contain NEX in their path.

Example 18-105/4. Don't fix what's not broken  Smile
Hrrgh ... those wonderful cross dependencies.

Ok, I've updated the links but they have a different URL now. *sigh*

Made sense in hindsight to keep the Canon EOS M reviews in the same APS-C section, even though it's a little confusing at first.