Full Version: Egyptian Vulture
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[Image: 5563003814_9a4344283b_b.jpg]

[Image: 5563004574_7e3f625111_b.jpg]

[Image: 5562427773_2fbdd311bc_b.jpg]

Minolta 7D + Tokina 100-300/4.0


nice being able to fly, it would be like riding a motorcycle in three dimensions, or an ultralight without the noise - don't know about being a vulture though, i'd be a honey eater -

the last shot's my fav, nice light, although the wing tips in P2 are so delicate too - ta boren


Nice schhots.

The last one is my favorite too, because the lichting is good.

You see a lot of details in bird while the background is also OK.