Full Version: help needed a document impossible to scan
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Hi folks

I intend to scan my diplomas for security and safety purposes.

The scanners seem to be blind to some colors one diploma where the blue and green simply don't appear in the final image !!!!!

Is there any way I could solve this?


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Is there any way I could solve this?


Yes. Take a picture.

Really. I had a similar problem and went to a copy shop. They scanned my documents with a professional big scanner and it still wasn't ok.

So I took a picture of my documents with my D5000 and the AF-S 85/3.5 macro lens.

I do not have any good lightning systems, so I used sunlight on an overcast day when the light was even.

I fixed that documents on black background paper on a board and used a tripod.

Then I retouched the picture a bit to adjust tint and WB and printed them. They looked as close to the original as possible.

Another solution might by a CCD scanner. Most scanners use CIS and do have problems with certain colors. CCD might be able to handle it.