Full Version: Sony Alpha SLT-A33 review
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Could we please get back to a calm discussion? There'll always be different opinions about certain aspects, and not always is it easy to find the "one truth" ... because it's often just not there. No need to start a war.

-- Markus


[quote name='mst' timestamp='1300454401' post='6934']

On a cloudless day, maybe. And, to be nitpicking: with the sun at the same angle and strength, which means at least within the same month.

Cloudless days don't happen here too often.

But that would only solve the lighting problem. You'd still need a subject that moves reproducibly.

-- Markus


May I suggest you move to Israel? We have plenty of cloudless days here. All you'll need to do is to bring that Merklin train with you and the issue of "a subject that moves reproducibly" is solved too. I haven't played with one for ~40 years and I'd love to play with it again. <img src='http://forum.photozone.de/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />


[quote name='Brightcolours' timestamp='1300527743' post='6949']

One word comes to mind: troll. "an e-mail message or posting on the Internet intended to provoke an indignant response in the reader."


I object and ask admin to stop name calling. He admits he has never even touched the camera but was complaining about sports rating. Go figure. The reviewers tested it, including IR who did side-by-side with far more expensive Canon 7D and found the AF tracking to be comparable.
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