Full Version: Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon...
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Quote:Well it's a marketing and promotional thing, Fuji Lebanon allows you to try their gear in the shop.

For Canon and Nikon only professionals can try  flagship higher end models , they organize big launching events  where  professionals can try the products in real life studio settings with professional models and professional studio lighting , with demonstrations etc...

They known which population to target ...

Canon here was unable to deliver 5DSR for months. They brought 5x 5DS and 3x 5DSR and that's all there was for 2-3 months. 


The Sony a9 Continuous Eye Autofocus Looks Amazing





  I think the idea that professionals won't use Sony because of their lack of a pro service has only a modicum of truth..........


   Many pros are using Sony now and more are on their way!

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