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Following on from the Sigma 30mm thread active at the moment, I'm wondering in general, do you have lenses which front or back focus? Do you use micro-adjust if available? And how much?

Of lenses I still own, I now have 4 which I need to set AF micro adjust in the camera body. The correction values I'm using are as follows:

Canon EF 35mm f/2: +3

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II: +8

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM: +5

Zeiss 2/50 ZE: +16

For those not familiar with the Canon system, the value ranges from -20 to +20, where 0 is no correction. A positive value puts the focus point away, a negative value brings it closer.

With all these fast lenses, the actual focus plane is somewhere forward of where the camera thinks it is. My next fastest lens, Sigma 150mm f/2.8 macro, does not need any adjustment. Nor do any of the zooms I have.


It would be better if this This is most likely spam content could be handled through the "DSLR This is most likely spam content" section of PZ... There's a lot to tell I suppose. So, it could be better to have a structured approach.

For now I think it sufficient if people who feel like it just post their observations here to get a feel for how big an issue this is or isn't. Am I unlucky? Or does everyone suffer from this? And on what type of lenses. I suspect big aperture lenses will show it up more readily than slower zooms for example.
I own a TS-E 17L, TS-E 45, TS-E 90, 24L II, 50L, 85L II, 135L and 100-400L, and even considering focus confirmation here with the TS-Es, only the 85L II needs a (-15) adjust on my 5D II. On my 1D Mk III no lenses need adjusting (not even that same 85L II).

BTW, I did have the 85L II calibrated by Canon, but that was once for my 400Ds, and later for my 40D and 5D classic. None of these bodies had MFA, of course <img src='http://forum.photozone.de/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />. The 50L was calibrated twice, and since then worked fine on 40D, 5D classic, and any camera thereafter (5D II and 1D III).

Kind regards, Wim
I am in the Pentax system. I now have K7D. I also had IstDS and K10D. Lenses I mostly use are: DA21/3.2, FA35/2, FA50/1.4, DA70/2.4, DA16-45/4 and Tamron 70-200/2.8.

K10D had back focus problems, espcially with FA35/2 and 16-45/4. Most pics were out of focus with those lenses and no adjustment was possible.

With K7D the same lenses back focused but maybe a little less, but with this body adjustment is possible.

Conclusion: I find micro adjustment very useful and even necessary.



sorry, busy, the settings for my gear are as follows -

a900 +

sony16mm fisheye = -1 or ahem, my idea was to bring the outside edges (which due to the wideness and therefore maybe different distance away from central focus) close to focus by making the micro focus +5 but so far unknown results of this brilliant idea due to not using the lens.

1635za = -3

2470za = 0

135za = 0

sigma 180/f.3.5 macro = -2 (but i never use auto focus with this lovely lens)

sigma 100-300/f.4 = -2

sony500reflex = -4

and even at these smallish settings the differences are noticeable on the chart -


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Following on from the Sigma 30mm thread active at the moment, I'm wondering in general, do you have lenses which front or back focus? Do you use micro-adjust if available? And how much?


I've got the 24LII, 85LII, TS-E 90, 200/2L IS. None of my AF lenses need MA on my 5D2 or my EOS 3 and I can't/don't use focus confirmation with the TS-E. But I do have an IR modified 50D which needs significant MA for obvious reasons.