Full Version: Remote cable release
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Hi Chaps,

I thought I'd wait a couple of months to see how it performed, but I've been using a cable release for Canon (5D MKII) like this one (with different branding) and I must say, it's quite a handy piece of gear:


It has a shutter release button (which works even if the battery dies), a small LCD display, a shutter lock for long exposures, timer, and timed release for time-lapse work. It also works with live view.

The IR remote is okay, but it sometimes 'misses', especially if you are not in front of the camera. The cable system is totally reliable, and of course it's useful for long exposures or macro shots when using a tripod. I found it especially useful for portraits and candid shots, where you can shoot away without the subject knowing exactly when you'll press the shutter - it helps reduce those split-seconds of physical tension that often cramp up your model and ruin the shot.

Setting up the timer and time lapse is a bit fiddly, but it does work and so far I haven't had any glitches in use. On the down side, the build quality is quite flimsy and I don't know how long the switch life will be or whether they are replaceable without breaking the unit while getting it apart. But for around 40 Euros (which is what I paid), it's a very useful little accessory to have in your bag if you need it.