Full Version: Lenstip review of the Fuji 50mm f2
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They're quite impressed:




Center resolution is outstanding but I'm a bit disappointed by the distortion figures. Traditionally 50mm lenses have been having very low distortion.


All in all, a great performer though.

Fuji relies on in-camera lens correction. I was not too happy with AF-speed in low light conditions.I made a comparison with 56 APD, 50mm Art and this 50/2. But with this new converter (on1RAW) which can handle the compressed RAW of the X-T2, things are not as easy as they were with Aperture and the test subject is also - bad choice of me. Therefore I might redo this test.


Or not.


Because whatever comes out:
  • The APD 56 is close to useless in dark situations. I know, Klaus is a big fan of it - I bought it without enough information about the practical downsides.
  • The 50 mm Art is only adpated, manual focus and double the weight of the body, so it's merely only as a reference.
  • I can say, the 50/2 stands pretty well in comparison, I'm happy to have a lens for rainy conditions.