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"Three other businesses units -- digital cameras, private branch exchange telephone systems and optical disk drives -- will be dismantled."


Oh boy... looks like making good products doesn't cut it anymore (see Samsung). Weird. And scary for what it means in a bigger picture.
It says that digital cameras will be put under the umbrella of other operations. Panasonic has lost a lot of market share in mirrorless cameras, the last 4 years. They only seem to be successful at the video market niche with the GH series?

Actually, this really is about the compact cameras, and possibly too many (M)ILCs, plus the fact that Panansonic is a very big company, with a myriad of (electronic) products, and a quarterly outlook on share performance.


The trend has bene known for a while, that compact cameras are no longer viable considering that most people think their mobile phone cameras are good enough. That trend is clear even on Flickr:



Smart phones account for 98.4% of all cameras manufactured in 2016, and it may still increase. However, ILCs are not going to go away anytime soon, just that it will be used more by the hobbyists to pros, rather than everybody wanting or needing a camera.


Panasonic is not in trouble, it restructured quite drastically over the last 4 or 5 years, and continues doing so. Here is Panansonics annual report over 2016, for those fo you who are interested:



MFT certainly is not going to die soon, considering the investments made, and how well they are selling, especially the GH series for Panasonic - Panasonic is a major video camera manufacturer, and those fit in that segment nicely. And MFT is a format, for which in a relatively small number of years an incredible, extended set of cameras, lenses and accessories were designed and produced, just see the current list of lenses alone, those still being produced and available:



In short, fear not, Panasonic will keep making MFT cameras and lenses, and if that is in a different division, like the video camera unit, does this really matter?

It is just a reaction to the current market realities, and that's all it is, if you'd ask me.


BTW, Olympus' camera division was in the black last year.


Kind regards, Wim
  Indeed a worrying sign of the times.


  Not so worrying though as what's going down at Fukushima!

I don't think that the Panasonic MFT is a risk. As Wim mentioned they will probably just merge it with the video stuff.

Given the convergence of still and video - see e.g. the GH-5 - this makes sense anyway.


I could very well imagine that, eventually, Oly and Pana will consolidate their efforts in a joint venture. That would avoid some of the strategic errors that they made in the past (like releasing the same stuff twice).


During my last  vacation I was actually surprised how many people were still carrying around their system cameras so the segment is alive and kicking - just on a lower level.

Quote:  Indeed a worrying sign of the times.


  Not so worrying though as what's going down at Fukushima!

Big Grin


That is just geological features playing up. Japan is an island arc (as is New Zealnd), and therefore very unstable.


From a geological POV island arcs are about the least stable "land masses" or island ranges that exist - they never exist for long, from a geological POV, without drastically changing, including earth quakes, etc. etc.


Kind regards, Wim
  That is just geological features playing up.........Just?



  From a geological POV island arcs are about the least stable............


 Oh it's unstable alright......wowser!


Maybe that's why they have floating stabilized airports.

Yes yes they are stabilized just like ships and stabilized lenses (the system is not for earthquakes obviously but I don't know how does it act with earthquakes shake though
    Current levels are at 530 sieverts per hour just inside the entrance to the No. 2 reactor!
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